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One-to-One Coaching is one the most powerful ways to grow. Coaching empowers you with the confidence to act with assurance towards your goals.

Leverage Andrew's depth and breadth of knowledge in the craft of tap dance and enthusiasm for growth for your personal growth.

Whether creating lesson plans, booking you your next show, or managing your energy during the dance season – Andrew's Mentor Coaching can get you where you want to go.
Coaching for Tap Dance Educators
Being a teacher is a high calling with an amazing payoff – having a front row seat to the growth and development of a human being.
Andrew Nemr
Whether attempting to navigate all the requirements of teaching – skills, history, showcase dances, and more – or trying to find where tap dance fits in the larger institution you are a part of, tap dance education can be a challenging endeavor.
Coaching for Tap Dance Educators supports educators in the development of their skills as a leader in the classroom. This happens through creative exercises and using real world applications.
Learn to leverage the leadership skills you already possess within yourself, gain confidence in the role of teacher, and empower your students every step of the way.
"I got valuable lessons and understandings from working with Andrew that I don’t believe I could have gotten from anyone else."

Gina N.
Tap Dance Educator
Coaching for Tap Dance Artists
The formation of an individual artist's voice is one of the wonders of the world.
Andrew Nemr
There is a process to the unveiling of an individual's artistic voice within the context of a tradition like tap dance. Some artists can get stuck in this process. Stuck in the tension between honoring the tradition and trying new things. Stuck in the "not knowing" of it all. Is this you?
Coaching for Tap Dance Artists supports artists in the development of their unique voice. This happens through creative exercises and using real world application.
Leverage your creative spirit to make choices you can trust to be good, even as you grow as an artist.
"Andrew’s calmness, curiosity and experience helped guide me to find more clarity in my creative practice and career. His questions allowed me to highlight what I truly valued and how to continue to approach my craft with integrity. I often resorted to anger with the actions of others, yet with his guidance I was able to view situations with compassion and understanding for others."

Daniel N.
Tap Dance Artist
Coaching for Tap Dance Skills
The ability to execute is key to the confidence of a tap dancer. When this ability is grounded in practice the quality of execution is evident.
Andrew Nemr
Have a goal to improve a particular tap dance skill? Want to know the inner workings of a particular step? This coaching is for you.
Andrew brings over 30 years of tap dance experience, including mentorship from Gregory Hines, Henry LeTang, Jimmy Slyde, Mable Lee and others, to support your learning.
Whether making sure your wings don't bother your knee, cleaning up cramp rolls and riffs, or learning how to approach the latest flying step, Skills Coaching gives you the confidence to say what you want to say.
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